Thursday, December 23, 2010


Here is an exclusive: The self-proclaimed "ultimate party CD" from mix-master Electric Larry! Not sure who this "Electric Larry" is but the back cover credits "technical assistance" to Brian D. Horrorwitz so I have my suspicions! What we have is an album length (44 minute) almost continuous groove that mixes some classic funky tunes - some obscure and some not so obscure - of different varieties and eras (but mostly 1970s) and slices, dices, re-arranges and adds some wacked-out and unexpected samples to the beats. This would actually make a great CD to play at a dance party and, since there are some "naughty" samples it will definitely clear out the riff-raff. Download link is in the comments below.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


From my good buddy Monsewer Brian Horrorwitz at Trash Palace by way of his video archivist pal Shabby comes this interesting and entertaining 1992 documentary on Serge Gainsbourg. Interesting because it's one of the very few docs done on Gainsbourg in the English language. Unfortunately there are some video glitches throughout but they aren't horribly obtrusive. Like Horrorwitz I too wish they'd have focused a bit more on his music and less on his shenanigans but considering they had quite a bit of ground to cover in only 25 minutes we can forgive them. Amusez-vous!