Saturday, May 21, 2011


My good buddy Brian Horrorwitz over at Takin IN the Trash: The Trash Palace Blog had a hand in compiling this 3 volume fan made collection of the very best from the Giallo movie soundtracks.

If you have an interest in this kind of thing you will love these! In Horrorwitz's words:
A lot of my friends know how obsessed I am with Giallo movies. Not just the films but the soundtracks too. Well about 10 years ago I started planning a CD compilation of the very best tracks from the scores to these modern Italian thrillers. Then I kind of shelved the idea when the once rare and unreleased soundtracks started getting released in droves because I just couldn't keep up with them all and I wanted to be thorough. So recently I decided to go back and finish the compilation and, with the help of a few friends, it ended up being 3 CDs, each just under 80 minutes!

Each volume fits perfectly onto 1 blank CD-R disc, or you can save them as mp3 files and play them from your hard drive or ipod player. I would recommend checking the 1st volume out first to see if you dig it. The first 2 volumes contain my all time favorite themes and cues, mostly from the late '60s and '70s, by composers such as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Goblin and many others. The 3rd volume contains some of the more upbeat pop, rock and r&b songs from the Giallo party and club scenes! There are several rare and unreleased tracks and some real obscurities amongst the more well known composers. Enjoy!

Each file contains the cover art and track listings. The download links are in the comments. The good doctor sez: Dig it, baby!