Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THE SPY WHO WENT POP! (and other superheroes)

This is a re-post of sorts courtesy of my good friend Brian Horrorwitz at Takin' IN the Trash: The Official Trash Palace Blog.

"A free CD for your downloading and listening pleasure! Compiled by my good friend OYOY7 with help from Agent Bender! Dare I say... the coolest spy movie and Euro-superhero soundtrack compilation ever made? I dare!"

This is one of the coolest comps ever! Click "comments" for the track listing and download link.


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I'm a couple of years late, but it's never too late to say Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm really late but this looks great. Could you re-up, please? Thanks in advance,

Philip Nicegreen said...

Thanks! Really, really appreciated

Anonymous said...


kris said...

Download link is dead, would it be possible to re-upload this please?

Thanks, Ali.

Dr. P. said...
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kris said...

Wow, that was quick, thank you so much!

Dr. P. said...

No problem, Kris! Thanks for letting me know.

Britez said...

A great shame that this album is no longer ready to listen. Well... times will tale..

Dr. P. said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dr. P. said...
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Dr. P. said...


1 Santo & Johnny - Goldfinger theme
2 The Capes and Masks - The Secret Arsenal
3 Bruno Nicolai w/ Sabina Montes (vocals) - Upperseven, The Man To Kill (main title)
4 Mario Nascimbene - Tuo Sguardo Atomico from "Dick Smart 2.007"
5 John Barry - A Man Alone (v. 2) from "The Ipcress Files"
6 Sandro Brugnolini - Fantabulous from "Fantabulous, Inc."
7 Ennio Morricone w/ Christy (vocals) - Deep Down from "Danger: Diabolik"
8 Bruno Nicolai - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (main title)
9 Piero Umiliani - Let's Try
10 Franco Tamponi - Flashman (main title)
11 Armando Trovaioli w/ Vania (vocals) - Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma (main title)
12 Manuel Parada - Mister X (main title)
13 Nico Fidenco - Ypotron (main theme, new edit)
14 Richard Rodney Bennett - Billion Dollar Brain (main title)
15 Bruno Nicolai w/ Bobby Solo (vocals) - Operation Lady Chaplin (main title)
16 Lovin' Spoonful - Lookin' To Spy from "What's Up Tiger Lily?"
17 Piero Umiliani - Duemafioso contra Goldginger (main title)
18 Dalida (vocals) - Modesty Blaise (theme)
19 Nico Fidenco - Supercolpo shake from "The Ten Million Dollar Grab"
20 Bob Crewe - Pygar's Persecution - The Chamber of Dreams from "Barbarella"
21 Bruno Nicolai - Lucky The Inscrutable (main title)
22 Roberto Pregadio & Romano Mussolini - Satanik (seq. 17) from "Satanik"
23 Patti Seymour - The Silencers (theme)
24 Burt Bacharach - Home James from "Casino Royale"
25 Roland Shaw & His Orchestra - Let The Love Come Through ("Casino Royale"
26 Brian Marshall Orchestra - A Night With Nuki
27 Riz Ortolani - Tiffany sequence from "The Tiffany Memorandum"
28 Henry Mancini - Bye Bye from "Gunn"